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Native to WA , marron were originally found in only a handful of permanent river systems throughout the south west. While attempts to farm them outside of this natural range have seen them spread further across the state and indeed the world, the majority of marron aquaculture still occurs within this region.

Marron are grown in specially designed aquaculture ponds, dams and irrigation reservoirs throughout the region. Purpose built ponds are drained annually between May to October allowing the marron to be harvested, sorted and sold or restocked into other ponds for further grow-out and breeding.

Some marron can reach a market size of around 150g within 18months of age, however more commonly, marron are sold off between around 24-30 months of age.

Blue Ridge Marron are sourced from licensed growers who use best practice farming methods and adhere to an industry code of practice for post harvest handling.  This minimises stress on the marron and ensure they always arrive in peak condition.

Marron have a requirement for pristine water quality, an element which is abundant throughout the Southern Forests Region.  Winter storms bring some of the purest rainfall straight off the southern ocean to fill rivers, dams and aquifers throughout the region.

Marron grown on commercial farms are fed a  mixture of prepared marron pellets and grains, however they are very much reliant on natural feeds such as microalgae and zooplankton which are present within the ponds.


are available Early November - Late September.

Minimum domestic order 10kg.

Minimum export order 40kg.

Sold live only.

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