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marron farming

Marron are the largest farmed freshwater crayfish in the world. Only two species native to Tasmania grow to a larger size however these are not produced commercially.

Marron are grown in ponds and dams designed to optimise their growth and to allow for ease of management and harvesting.

Marron breed only once per year during early spring when day length and water temperature start to increase. Females incubate their brood of up to 500 eggs for 3-4 months before releasing the hatchlings into the water around the start of December.

In commercial ponds marron are given everything they need to grow including daily feeding, aeration, purpose built habitats and protection from predators.

At 18 months of age, each pond is harvested by draining the water away and picking the marron up from the hard base of the pond. After pick up, all marron are washed vigorously in a purging tank to clean them up. By now the marron will have an average size of 70-150g. The marron will then be sorted and restocked for further grow-out.

At 30 months or 2 ½ years the ponds are drained again. With an average size of 150-250g, the marron are then either sold to market or maybe selected for future breeders. 


Marron Aquaculture in Western Australia - The Growers Manual is an extensive practical guide for anyone who is starting up or investing in a marron farm in Western Australia, and for existing marron growers who wish to expand their productivity. Much of the book will also be of interest to anyone who wishes to know more about marron in general, or is passionate about marron as a gourmet food


At Blue Ridge Marron, we are always happy to talk to existing and prospective growers. As  producers ourselves and being in regular contact with many of the industry’s biggest farmers we can offer an educated opinion on the latest  developments in best farm practices as well as qualified professional advice.

Having had over ten years experience in both semi-intensive production as well as farm dam trapping we are able advise on all types of marron farming from both a scientific and practical point of view.

Farm consultancy and 

license applications

We are able to offer services to both existing and prospective growers from a free consultation for a farm dam trapping license, to commercial consultancy for  all aspects of marron aquaculture projects.


We also carry a range of supplies for packaging, (eskies, foams & ice packs) and trapping, (traps, floats, ropes & baits) for sale at competitive prices. 

contact peter:+61(0)407 389 674

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