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We are Australia's premium supplier and exporter of live marron to Seafood Markets, Restaurants and Catering Companies.
Minimum domestic order 10kg. Minimum export order 40kg.


Blue Ridge Marron are carefully graded into the following sizes: 71 – 100g, 101 – 150g, 151 – 200g, 201 – 250g, 251 – 300g, 301 – 400g, 401 – 500g, 501+g. Seasonal availability of sizes within this range does vary so we do advise you contact us to discuss your needs.  

We offer the full range of sizes from November to late September.  During early spring we voluntarily have a closed season so as not to disturb the marron during the critical early stages of the spawning season. 


Blue Ridge Marron are carefully packaged in polystyrene eskies, with damp foam inserts between layers of marron and frozen gel packs to maintain humidity and chill during transport.

Our close cooperation with suppliers and customers allows us to manage inventory to maximise shelf life of your marron.

Marron can be held for up to 7 days in a cool room between 2-6 degrees. 


Blue Ridge Marron have a long history of dealing direct with chefs and wholesalers the world over. We are able to organise next day delivery within Australia Tuesday to Friday and can organise international freight to anywhere in the world.  

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